Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time to Re-charge

Summer started slow for us, but it sure has picked up in the last couple of days!  In the past 10 days we have had VBS, homeschool conferences, father -son camping trips, visits from faraway friends, a trip to the zoo, swimming, trips to grandparents, and absolutely no chores getting done!!!  So I'm playing catch up for awhile and the boys have spent most of the morning reading ALONE in their rooms - this was their own doing, not a suggestion from me, so they must be worn out too. 

While we re-charge, I thought I would post a couple of my favorite links I've found in the last few days, for you to bookmark and read when you need to re-charge!

10 Things Moms Wish They Could Go Back and Tell Themselves About Homeschooling  This was a cute top 10 list, and I agreed with every one of the things on the list.  I haven't read all the linked articles yet, but the list was definitely true.

A Review of the Hunger Games  OK, I admit it.  I read all three Hunger Games books.  Sometimes I just want to know what the hype is about!  If you haven't read the books, this review is full of spoilers, but I liked the review mainly for how it helped me think through the themes and ideas in them.  It is great when a review can help you become a better reader, and this is one of those reviews.

Tomorrow is the next book club post... chapter two of Gospel Powered Parenting.  Keep reading and comment when you want to on the chapter as you've read it....
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