Friday, June 1, 2012

That's Just What I Was Going to Say!

As I have been fumbling through writing posts, attempting to articulate my thoughts on what it means to be Gospel Centered in homeschooling, parenting and discipling children, I stumbled upon this post, by Luma Simms over at Gospel Centered Discipleship.  She has written a better post than I could ever write.  I commend the whole thing to you. 

You can find it here:  Raising Gospel Centered Children

Here are some really great quotes:

On what is our job and what is the Holy Spirit's job:
"The Holy Spirit is responsible for conviction of sin and bringing people to salvation. That includes the little people in our homes. When we search out the Spirit, when we talk about Him and hold Him up before our children, we are modeling a life of Spirit-dependence for our children. This is training them to walk in step with the Sprit."
"Make no mistake, our efforts are very important, but our efforts do not have power to save and transform. Nothing that we do will ever eclipse the power and grace of Jesus."
On forgetting the gospel while discipling our children..
"Even worse than merely de-emphasizing the gospel, we started realizing that our children had become judgmental little scoffers. Why? Because we were so busy comparing and contrasting our education, parenting, and worship style choices with those of other parents that we had marginalized the gospel before our kids. We were way more excited about high church liturgy, classical education, “courtship,” family worship times, you name it. We actually believed they were signs of spiritual maturity."
You can also find more from Luma Simms on her blog, Gospel Grace

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