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Hi I'm Jennifer!
I am a mother of three boys and wife to a handsome geologist - engineer.  I spend my days homeschooling my boys (and all that entails), trying to keep up with the domestic chores, serving in my church with children and music and in my spare time I read (lots!) or blog.  I love living in the mountain west and vacationing anywhere I get the opportunity - I love to travel!  When I grow up I want to be wise and compassionate and look more like Christ.  The way it is going so far, I have a lot of growing up to do.  Christ is my hope and my Savior and I fight everyday for him to be my joy and my satisfaction.  He has promised that one day I will be like him, but for now I struggle and try to remember to depend on him.

My Faith Story (Coming soon)

What I Believe

My Favorite Books, Music, Blogs and Websites

10 weird facts about me:

1.  I am very loud, usually at inappropriate times. 

2.  I am a little bit country and a little bit 80's rock and roll.  And a little bit classical and a little bit folk.  And I love hymns.  And John Denver.

3.  I am not crafty.  Scrapbooking makes me nervous.  Sewing makes me want to cry. 

4.  Speaking of crying, I do it a lot.  Mostly when I am happy or sentimental or frustrated, but not when I'm sad or angry.  I can't sing or read scripture without crying.  So much for my music career.

5.   I had brain surgery.  I know.  It's impressive.  I had a big tumor squishing my brain, so they opened my skull and took it out.  It left a pretty cool scar, but I have long hair so you can't see it now.  I also have metal screws and plates in my head.  That's pretty impressive too.

6.  I don't deal with 3 dimensional space very well.  I can't arrange furniture, I can't estimate size and I bump into things a lot.  I don't think it has to do with the brain tumor though.

7.  I never went to prom.   (I'm extremely damaged by that.)

8.  I was the drum major in my high school marching band.  Come to thing of it, maybe that's why I never went to prom.

9.  I don't have cable.  Or an iDevice of any kind.  I barely have a cell phone.  I do love my Kindle, though.

10.  I can do a great Brer Rabbit accent or Skippyjon Jones accent.  Just in case anyone needs me to do a voice over someday.

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