Friday, June 8, 2012

Join the Club! Book Club, That Is.

I love to read and I love book clubs. So I thought, what would be better than an online book club? (Well, maybe a real book club where we all sit together at each other’s house and drink coffee and discuss our book.) The online book club offers an advantage, though…
no feeling guilty if you didn’t finish the book (you can still participate along the way, or follow along at your own pace),
no meetings to miss – (comment at your own leisure),
no pressure to agree with a book or a comment because we aren’t all in the same room staring at you (we do still have to be nice to each other, though!)

So here is my idea...
I would like to read Gospel Powered Parenting
by William Farley

381353: Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting

By William P. Farley / P & R Publishing

You can check out the introduction and chapter one using Amazon’s free Kindle Reading app. (You don’t have to own a Kindle, just download the app to your computer and then download the “Sample” of the book to your computer. (Make sure you choose “Send Sample Now” in the Try It For Free box.)
If you like it, you can buy the whole e-book to read on your computer, or buy a hard copy from Amazon or Christian Book Distributors, or your local bookstore. Your local library might even have a copy!

Here is how the book club will work:

• Between now and next Friday, preview at least the “sample” – which is the introduction and most of chapter one of the book.

Sign up for updates, so you get the Friday book club posts sent directly to your inbox.

• Next Friday, I will post my thoughts about the intro and beginning of chapter one and ask
 “Who’s with me?” Please let me know you are reading along, by commenting!

• After that, our schedule will be basically one chapter a week until the book is finished.
 (Pretty relaxed pace, don’t you think?)

Comment on the Friday posts on my blog regarding your thoughts, questions, agreements or disagreements!

Share this book club with anyone you know who might benefit from the book!

Here is a quick video introduction to the book to get you curious…

Looking forward to reading with you!


  1. I'm so in, Jen!!! Just downloaded the e-book -- this looks great! :)