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Motivating Summer Read Alouds for Boys

My boys are great readers, but sometimes it can be difficult helping them to choose books to read.  It can be hard to convince them to try something new.  Summertime is a great time to help motivate them to branch out into new genres, authors or themes by reading aloud to them!  I find that if I read a book to them they might not have chosen themselves, they may end up liking it and search out others like it for their own independent reading in the future.

Here are some great books that might motivate your boys to read more!


The idea here is YOU read aloud the first book, they get hooked and ask for more - so put them on the independent reading list for next school year!

1.  Redwall Series
302378: #1: Redwall: Where Legends Are Made--A Tale of Redwood Redwall: Where Legends Are Made--A Tale of Redwood

By Brian Jacques
There is an almost endless supply of books in the Redwall series.  Once your boy starts, he will be hooked.  (Even if he does think he is too old for books about a mouse.  Promise!)

2. Mr. Tuckett by Gary Paulsen (The Francis Tucket Books)
There are five total books in this series, about a boy captured by Indians while going West on the Oregon trail.  Read the first aloud and let him discover the rest!

Classic literature

If you want your son to appreciate healthy food instead of just Twinkies and pizza, you present him with good quality foods to develop his appetite.  You don't continue to feed him Twinkies and pizza and sigh, "Well, at least he is eating!"  The same thing is true of classic books.  If I don't want my son to read a steady diet of books about bodily noises and underpants, I put before him a banquet of imaginative, exciting classic books.  Enjoy them together - pretty soon the other stuff won't sound nearly as appetizing.

3.  Swiss Family Robinson
04999: The Swiss Family Robinson The Swiss Family Robinson

By Johann Wyss / Penguin Putnam Inc.
If you want, try this as an audio book and listen in the car.  He may not understand everything, but with a captive audience, you never know what he might like.

4. Classic Starts series
736896: Around the World in 80 Days Around the World in 80 Days

By Jules Verne / Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Or try an easier start into Classics.  The abridged classics for kids at least introduce them to compelling story lines, without all the complicated subplots and antiquated vocabulary.

Favorite authors

Find some new authors that have great books for boys.  We like...

5.  N.D. Wilson
838743: Leepike Ridge Leepike Ridge

By N.D. Wilson / Yearling
Written by Doug Wilson's son, a homeschooled kid (now adult).  He has several other books for children as well.

6.  Marguerite Henry
71601: Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West

By Marguerite Henry / Simon & Schuster
Books about horses aren't just for girls!  Marguerite Henry has written quite a few horse books that had significant "boy" appeal for my little cowboy.


Boys usually do pretty well with non-fiction, but it may be hard to find something more substantial than magazines and The Dangerous Book for Boys.  Here are a few we will be trying...

7.  Sterling Point biographies
751196: Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness

By John Mason Brown / Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
A well written biography about a true life hero can be very inspiring to a boy!

8.  Sports biographies
007285: Through My Eyes Through My Eyes

By Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker / Harpercollins Publishing
We live in Bronco country, so our recent sports hero has been Tim Tebow.  Great to read aloud together so you can talk about it when you watch him on TV.  Have Dad read this one with the boys (he can explain the plays better than I could.)  Not a Tebowmaniac?  How about Jeremy Lin, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton... any other suggestions?


What you didn't think they would like....

9.  Little House on the Prairie series
400042: On the Banks of Plum Creek,  Little House on the Prairie Series #4 On the Banks of Plum Creek, Little House on the Prairie Series #4

By Laura Ingalls Wilder / HarperCollins
Let's face it, your boys won't pick up a book with a girl on the cover.  But, if you read it TO them, they will enjoy this one!  My boys identify with Pa and Mr. Edwards, but they are pretty impressed with Laura, a real tomboy.  They have often said about certain tomboy-ish girls we know, "She's cool.  She's a Laura Ingalls kind of girl."  HA!


Don't neglect...

10.  The Bible
Summer is a great time to read the bible together.  Not just a story Bible, but the actual text.  Start from the beginning and just keep reading.  I know... what about when we get to Leviticus?  Well, you could skip around, or you might just keep on reading.  Carrie Ward has some great suggestions in her book Together about her journey to read the WHOLE Bible together with her kids.  This is a quick read for Mom's summer reading list and may inspire you in your Bible reading with your children!
404482: Together: Growing Appetites for God Together: Growing Appetites for God

By Carrie Ward / Moody Publishers

You can also find more from Carrie at her website, An Everyday Mama

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