Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm on vacation with the family this week, camping with the family in the Rocky Mountains!  Today I'm sharing a few great links I've found around the internet and a special discount for books!

First,  I often recommend books on this site through my affiliate relationship with Christian Book Distributors.  (An affiliate relationship allows me to earn a tiny amount on any purchases that you might make by clicking through my site.  This tiny amount might in the future allow me to pay a blog designer to upgrade this blog and increase it's reach.)  Anyway, CBD very frequently has as good or better prices on their books as Amazon, but they don't usually compete because of Amazon's better deal on shipping.  Today, I want to offer you an incentive for buying through CBD by giving you a special discount code for free shipping on orders of $35 or more.  This code is unique to me and can be used three times, so if you want to make a purchase, snag it up - first come, first serve!
Here is the promo code:  379395APFZSB  and here is my link to CBD...

And my favorite articles and links lately.....

25 Rules for Moms of Boys  This is a fun list of things for moms of boys to remember.

 Our job is to protect our children's innocence  This author brings up some really important thoughts about being too quick to expose your kids to movies and music with violence and sex in them.  She effectively argues from her own experience being over-exposed.  Who can't relate to that!?  I sure can.  I also like how she admits that she couldn't protect them from everything, but that doesn't negate the point at all.

Summer Art and Science Fun  Do you cringe when your kids want to get out the paints and brushes, the glitter glue and the volcano science kit because you just know how much mess it will be to clean up?  Why not take the science and art outside.  This post has some great ideas.

Three links to articles that help me remember what is important: 
Christ is Our Treasure, Not Our Homes
How to Make Life Changing Memories Without Actually Doing Anything Special

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