Monday, April 28, 2014

Stuff to Ponder

I had a good block of time this weekend to catch up on my favorite blogs and articles, so I have an overflow of great things to share.  You might want to bookmark these to read later because I think they are all highly worth it.  (I use an app called Pocket to save stuff for reading when I have more time.)

Homeschooling IRL asks the provocative question, "Are You More Committed to Homeschooling or to Your Kids?"  An important question for all of us to ask.  This blog and podcast are definitely worth subscribing to.

Gracy Olmstead blogging over at The Gospel Coalition asks another one: "Should Christian Parents Ban Books?"  See if you agree with her thoughts.

And the always funny and sarcastic Matt Walsh takes on the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling.

Finally, a few thoughts from David Platt concerning a popular and sometimes controversial Christian book and movie that is in the news lately, to help us think carefully about how we know if Heaven Is For Real.

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